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What to Look for when Buying CCTV Cameras


There are several crucial factors to keep in mind when you want to buy a CCTV camera for home. Practically all of these considerations are hardware-related because it is the components that determine performance. Below are some key features that are worth looking at:

Output resolution
The camera’s TV resolution (TVL) is one aspect that you need to check. Standard CCTV cameras come with a TVL range of around 380TVL to 540TVL but there are those whose resolution goes up to 700TVL. According to some experts, the minimum should be at least 420TVL. While it is a good thing to have high resolution, the input is what determines the output and therefore, if the lens is incapable of matching the resolution, the extra resolution goes to waste. What is of the essence is enough resolution to relay exactly what the camera has captured.

There are cameras with more powerful digital sensors than others. Two things you need to consider are the type and the size. CCTV cameras either have CCD or CMOS sensors. Cameras fitted with CCD sensors are more expensive while those with CMOS are cheaper and consume less power. The downside of CMOS sensors is that they do not produce crisp images and are not good in low light conditions.
CCTV cameras with larger sensors are capable of processing much light and their images are of better quality. Typically, the sensors are available in two sizes:1/4 inch and 1/3 inch. Large sensors not only allow in much light but they also transmit more data for processing.

The role of the lens is to gather light for the sensor. It is the lens that determines the distance at which a face can be recognized or a vehicle’s number plate can be read. The fact that the lens determines the output makes a more powerful lens more effective than higher output resolution. Ideally, you should buy a CCTV camera with an optical zoom lens as opposed to digital zoom. One challenge wrought by digital zoom is that it exaggerates the original image by adding extra details.

By considering the above pointers, you can make CCTV installation for home a blissful undertaking because you will be in a position to get a gadget that is fit for the job.

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