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How to Install a CCTV Camera System for your Home


Recently, home thefts and burglaries have increased exponentially. A growing number of homes have been robbed, sometimes even when the owner is inside. That is why it is vital to maintaining a security system of one type or another. It is suggested that homeowners use CCTV camera systems to surveil their home from afar, or even while sitting in the living room. This guide will go over the basics of setting up generic CCTV camera systems in a household environment.

Select a CCTV System

The first step would be to find the ideal CCTV camera system for your home. Try to look for one that fits both your needs and your budget. The next logical step would be to decide whether or not you want to monitor the system via the internet. In the case that you do, ask your internet provider if they can give you a static IP address. If you wish to record the footage from your CCTV cameras, you can use a wireless-capable computer or even a standalone digital recorder.

After selecting which types of cameras you will be using, you should survey your home to decide how many you need. The most common systems usually include one to four cameras to begin with, and some of them allow the addition of extra cameras. Wireless ones will require an electrical outlet in order to operate. Make sure that the outlet is not easily accessible, as someone may unplug the camera to avoid detection.

Set up the Cameras

Install the necessary software on your computer if you are using one, or allow the digital recorder to boot up. Open up the setup menu and follow the instructions provided by the software. You will need to input the static IP address, as well as a username and password for added security.

After the first step is completed, attach the cameras to stable surfaces and plug them into wall sockets or extension cords. Point them in the directions you wish to observe and activate them. Afterwards, adjust the camera properly for maximum coverage.

Once finished with both of the previous steps, test the CCTV system thoroughly. You can accomplish this through a web browser on a computer with internet capability. Type the static IP address into the browser’s address bar, and a login page should appear. This is where you would enter your username and password, which will allow you to view the covered areas, and recorded videos.

Hire an Installer

Sometimes setting up a CCTV system can be difficult, even frustrating. If you get stuck during setup, or even just want to save time, consider calling in some commercial CCTV installers. UK CCTV installers are relatively inexpensive, and usually have years of experience in home safety and security matters. Trained CCTV experts are standardly capable of completing the installation in a timely manner, and can provide insight on how the specific system operates.

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