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Five Best Spots for Installing CCTV Surveillance System


Welcome back to UK CCTV Installers’ blog. In our last issue, we discussed about CCTV installation at the front door. Let us now wag our glance over other four important spots for CCTV placement.

Back Entrance

The same report also suggests that 22% of burglary cases take place through the back door of your property. So, a camera needs to be placed here. In fact, every door leading to your property premise needs a CCTV camera for monitoring activities. And always ensure to install the camera at a place where hands cannot reach. Place it an elevated level so that it stays safe from projectiles like sticks, rocks and the likes.

Side Gate/Backyard

A good backyard is always appealing to the crooks. These days, the homeowners spend money for backyard decoration by installing fake grass, recreational machineries, expensive lights and many more. A night surveillance system is extremely important to safeguard your life and belongings. If your backyard has a fence on its periphery, the CCTV camera should be trained on the entrance gate. Install your camera in clear view as more than often, its sight will prevent the intruders from making attempt to break into your home.

Off-Street Windows

Breaking of a rear window to intrude into home is not unheard. The robbers do a good inspection of your house from the outside and identify an off-street window in order to minimize the risk of being caught. Train a CCTV camera on your off-site window to prevent dirty deeds from taking place at your property. Wireless security camera with remote controlling options makes a good choice in such places.

Ground Stairs

The basements usually have doors/hatches or large windows that are easily accessible. Install a CCTV camera at the basement leading to the entrance for recording any activity of intruders who might try their luck to make their way through the subterranean way. For architectural services you can refer to mole valley architects

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